When founding FIBI TRANS Kft. our main goal was to create a firm in haulage which is based on the fundamental principles of punctuality and reliability, since we are perfectly aware that time is money. We believe that with our gained experience and principles we can provide competitive advantage to the small, middle-sized and multinational businesses under market conditions of pressing time. We already have long years of professional experience and past behind us both in domestic and international haulage.

Our endeavor is to cooperate with our clients for long periods of time, and consequently the focus of our company is to satisfy our clientele.

We offer them fast and cost-efficient service. To achieve this, we think in terms of system and strategy, the starting point of which is the client’s expectations and objectives. We always look for, and employ innovative and forward-thinking methods as solutions.

The completion of our job is always followed by client-provided evaluation and feedback, since these are of utmost importance, helping us in assessing not only others, but also ourselves.
The keystones of a company are the colleagues who work for it, and their expertise coupled with their enthusiasm contributes to our success very significantly. As a result, it is not merely professional experience and reliability which are fundamental requirements for us, but excellent team spirit and positive attitude as well.

Besides paying close attention to professional and staff qualification, we also duly maintain and improve our vehicle park, as it is the key to safe haulage.
These are the values that guide us, and help us to achieve adequate results and success for our clients and ourselves.